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It has been seven years since the publication of The Song of an Emerald Dove. I had such hopes that it would serve as a gateway to important Women's Work; however, interest has waned as the headlines seem to have sent us an overload of violence, hate, and global upheaval -- enough to super-saturate our psyches and numb our reflexes. Enough to actually cause apathy -- inaction....
           As time has passed and the pattern of the headlines remains, I feel that now -- more than ever -- we need to "gather the ladies."
Take a look.
Winner of the 2007 Coalition of Visionary Resources People's Choice Award!
           Women who have heretofore felt sequestered must now reach out, sharing messages of hope, peace, and love throughout the world. They will be women from all walks of life, of multitudinous ethnic backgrounds and many spiritual paths. They are the women who have been called together by the messages in The Song of an Emerald Dove.
           A few years ago I had found myself involved in a story that needed telling, and so I set a lot of other things aside and began gathering snippets, writing drafts, outlines and chapters. It took a couple of years, but finally The Song of an Emerald Dove was completed -- and won an award. The wonderful reviews that I have received for it are important to me because it is a very important story and, although fictionalized in the book, it is a crusade of mine. Truth be told, Emerald Dove was written to enable a covert group of women to share their actual experiences and heart-felt concerns about the advancing destructive course of our treatment of the planet and each other! The further truth is that this work — and this need — has no national boundaries.
           It is these women whom I wish to speak to, to involve in the important work that is being laid before us. It is for these women -- for you and your sisters -- that Fran, Laura, and I are created symbolic jewelry, art, and other materials to create a bond among us all. It is for you that I wrote The Song of an Emerald Dove.
           The movement to empower women is experiencing a shift in emphasis. No longer is the focus individual, personal empowerment. Now we -- as a group -- must take our rightful places to lead the world toward a more sustainable peace and a reverence for life and the future that we alone can make manifest. Please join us.

I was once very excited that the messages in Dove were causing a groundswell movement among women who shared my concern for the health and survival of the planet. As a result I had joined with designer Fran Davis and created a line of products that could be worn or displayed to announce to others of like mind that we share a common bond. We have since closed down the Verd'amore site and silenced all but our small Internet group that continues to share our concerns, but we are planning a return -- bigger and better than ever! Read The Song of an Emerald Dove, available at Amazon, and then let us hear from you. Tell us that you want to be a part of the Prietesses of the Emerald Dove.


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